Throw Out Choosy Attitude In Getting A Job

By: Nurulaiman Nadhirah Kassim

Graduates now are facing tough competition in the job market, but some of them still not aware about this issue. Too choosy about a job will make a trouble to graduate itself.

According to Jobs Malaysia data system, the amount of people who find a job until 3 Julai 2009 about 348,764. From that amount, 142,236 are from graduates.

Despite, This numeral is not showing a real amount of graduate whom unemployed in this country because not all of them are registered at JobsMalaysia.

All country has an unemployment problem, although an unemployment rate in Malaysia below than five percent, it is still can be a problem whether they are too choosy or unemployable.

In an article Dr. M.A. Nair mentioned, in a just concluded study involving 63 companies in the Klang Valley, the reactions from perspective employers included graduates being too choosy, lacking confidence, communication skill and having attitude problems.

From this issue, the students should stop been too choosy when looking for a job. It is not only happened to graduate student, some of student who decided to choose to work after SPM also b e i n g choosy in finding job.

As we know, with the level of education and also lack of necessary skill, they should try to think positive and trying to accept offer job provided that job is legitimate and it is not equal to our level of achievement that we have.

With the unstable economy in Malaysia, these people should throw out this attitude that is ashamed in finding job same level with education.

There are so many jobs that we can do such as work at photostat shop, oil station, and food serve. Just go to work with it, try to work in variety kind of job.

These people should set in mind what ever job we do, it is give a job experience to us as an early exercise to face a real job industry.

It also can e n h a n c e our level of confident in doing a job under the pressures and when facing a problem from customer.

It is better to do a simple job than are unemployed people. From the money we get in doing a simple job, it can sustenance our life a little bit.

For graduate, a government tries to help these unemployed students with several ways.

One of it is organizing a talk and career counseling program to the finder of job and graduate in order to give deep explanation about necessity of career now days.

Beside that it also can expose about desire of job scope time to time and give an instruction how to face an interview session.

Just think for while, too choosy in finding a job only can give you a problem in future.


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